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My desire is to create a safe and accessible way for women to explore their own healing by reclaiming the connection to their bodies and learning the vital skills necessary to live from a deeply embodied, creative place. When a woman returns to her feminine center she serves more than herself; she holds space for others to do the same.

Here are some of the ways you can work with me. Note that many of these modalities work hand in hand - I use a variety of them with each client based on their needs and desires. All of my work can be done virtually or in-person.



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A menstrual health consultation is designed to address physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances using a holistic, mind-body approach. Together, we will assess not just the state of your menstrual and vaginal health, but how that fits into the bigger picture of your life.

Depending on your needs I may suggest customized herbal remedies, vaginal steaming, and/or health and embodiment practices to help bring your body, mind and spirit into optimal balance and vitality. Menstrual health education is a powerful component of this work - learning to listen to the language of your own body and harnessing the potential within your cycle is an essential foundation to women's health.

Menstrual Health Consultation

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A Menstrual Health Consultation is perfect for:

Menstrual health imbalances

Transitioning off hormonal birth control

Vaginal infections and pelvic discomfort

Disconnection from womb space

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Even in the very busy and strange time of Covid-19, Mellisa was helpful, responsive and calming. I really appreciate that Mellisa took time to help me learn more about my own health and taught me some great techniques I’ve never learned before to help my body heal itself. When I had questions, she was quick to respond and encourage. I’m thankful for her help and knowledge!



- katie


schedule your Intuitive energy healing

Energy healing is simply a healing art that incorporates awareness of the flow of energy within and around your body. Trained in various intuitive energy healing techniques and specializing in the energy of the pelvic bowl, I am able to sense potential imbalances within your energy field and assist you in bringing your whole being into greater vitality.

Any approach to menstrual health and embodiment is incomplete without attuning ourselves to the energetic health of the body. Energy healing allows us to integrate every aspect of your wellbeing and release blockages that may not be perceived or understood by the conscious mind.

During our session I will guide you through visualizations and meditations that facilitate the movement and release of energy. If we are working together in person, some techniques may involve gentle touch. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions about this work!

Intuitive Energy Healing

Energy healing is perfect for:

addressing unexplained physical ailments

discovering and releasing unconscious patterns

reclaiming the connection to your body

I was in the beginning of my second trimester of pregnancy and I had been on pelvic rest for weeks per my doctors orders because my placenta was resting on top of my cervix. I felt a strong call to reach out to Mellisa. Not only did her loving and wise support help to ease my fears, but she also guided me through some energy work and embodiment practices to help move my placenta up - visualization tools that I have continued to use throughout my pregnancy. At my 20 week ultrasound not only is my little one growing beautifully, they did a placenta check and found that my placenta has moved a significant amount away from my cervix!





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The process of coming home to our bodies is complex and life-long. Deeply disconnected due to cultural conditioning, personal trauma, religious programming and so much more, many women have lost the ability to understand the subtle language spoken by the body. Attempts to heal trauma and love our bodies through the lens of the mind will always fall short... we must learn how to descend from the realm of the mind and into the experience of the body.

In Embodiment Coaching, we will explore an intuitive blend of feminine spirituality, somatic practices, movement, breathwork, guided meditation, nervous system training and self inquiry designed to cultivate a right relationship with your own body and its power.

Embodiment Coaching

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Embodiment coaching is perfect for:

Healing feminine shame, trauma and disconnection

Learning to understand the deeper significance of the menstrual cycle

Reclaiming your full creative potential

Preparing for birth (see below for holistic doula services & prenatal embodiment)

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Mellisa showed up for me in ways I didn’t even realize I needed! She opened the door for me to do the deepest work I have ever done. She held a sacred space for me to explore my fears, strengths and power. I cannot recommend her enough!!! Her compassion, steadiness, beauty, wisdom and insight is invaluable. I am convinced every woman should work with Mellisa!



- kim

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My work as a doula is where the most organic overlap between the different healing modalities that I offer has evolved. The intersection of doula work and embodiment was originally birthed from my own healing journey through stillbirth and the subsequent birth of my daughter.

I believe that as important as being "prepared" for the physical work of birth is navigating the transformation that occurs beneath the surface - before, during and after birth. Showing up to this transformation from an embodied place will have far more impact that knowing the stages of labor or having an iron-clad plan.

I offer in-person holistic birth doula services when available, as well as virtual prenatal embodiment sessions. These sessions are a unique blend of embodiment practices, energy techniques, womb healing, birth and postpartum education and preparation, and so much more. To inquire more about your needs, schedule a free consultation!

Holistic Doula Services

Prenatal embodiment is perfect for:

cultivating presence in your body

healing from trauma, shame and disconnection within the womb

connecting with your baby

preparing for the transformation of birth and motherhood

"We are so so SO grateful to have had Mellisa with us as our birth doula. From the moment she arrived her presence was like a deep loving and cozy embrace. Her support was gentle and constant. She knew when to step in and when to pull back. When to offer a soothing touch or physically hold me up in a deep squat. As the birthing Mama she would help keep me present to each surge with quiet reminders and not thinking ahead. She gave me the BEST foot massage of my life as well as provided energy work to help guide my baby down. For my partner she helped show him how he could support me and reassure him everything was going as it should."





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Certified Herbalist & Energy Healer - Self Heal School of San Diego

Transformational Coach - The Master Coaches Academy

Transformational Facilitator - Womben Wellness Institute

Vaginal Steam Facilitator - Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute

Professional Doula - Birthingway College of Midwifery


Additional Trainings:

Activate Your Inner Jaguar (Nervous System Training)
- with Kimberly Johnson

Polyvagal Theory of the Nervous System
- with Jennifer Samore

The Art of Fearless Intimacy
- with John Wineland and Kendra Cunov


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