A Tale of Two Moms — 049

Mar 12

When Jannie and Carrie decided to have children they both hoped for the experience of being pregnant.   After multiple IUI and IVF fertility treatments for both of them, Carrie was finally the one to get pregnant.  The story of her pregnancy and how they both transitioned to motherhood together is raw and beautiful.

The playful couple is trying to get pregnant again. They have had several unsuccessful insemination attempts and choose to stay positive and supportive despite the challenges.  They are well aware of the physical, emotional and mental drains that go along with the fertility process but the love and fun a baby brings into their lives make it all worth it.

We talk about career, going back to work after baby and how they make it all work while running a booming business together – hint, hint… it takes lots of communication!

Jannie and Carrie’s spunky outlook on life, motherhood and work will have you laughing and also thinking about how similar our stories are even when they might look different on the surface.   You’ll love this episode!

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In This Episode:

  • Their unconventional method for choosing a sperm donor

  • How being pregnant can bring creativity

  • How they share parenting & discipline duties in the home

  • Dealing with PUPP skin rash

  • The relief postnatal massage and acupuncture offers

  • How hormonal shifts can bring guilty feelings

  • The emotional, physical and mental strains of the fertility process

  • How Jannie handled being unable to get pregnant along with Carrie

  • Being an LGBT parent

  • How they explain the many different types of families to their son

  • How to get a free 1 month trial of guided meditations through Expectful

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Show Notes:

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Feast Portland

Little Green Pickle

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About Our Guests:

Carrie Welch
Carrie Welch is Co-Owner of Little Green Pickle and Co-Founder of Bon Appetit Presents Feast Portland in Portland, Oregon. Little Green Pickle provides public relations, marketing, social media and web services for some of the most electric restaurants and artisans in the Portland food and drink scene, as well as national chefs and brands. Since its first year in 2012, Feast Portland celebrates everything that makes the Pacific Northwest awesome through a dynamic, multi-day food and drink festival. With over 80 chefs, 30 events and tens of thousands of attendees, the festival has raised over $300,000 for hunger relief in the U.S. For Carrie, both Little Green Pickle and Feast Portland draw on the past experience of a 10-year career at Food Network as Vice President of Public Relations, overseeing all consumer press, talent relations, digital PR, social media, charitable efforts, and launching successful shows for celebrity chefs Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Ina Garten, Alton Brown, and Duff Goldman.

Jannie Huang
Jannie loves computers and food and has always found a way to bring the two together in her work. In 2010, Jannie and Carrie moved to Portland, Oregon to accomplish their dream of working in its ingenious food industry, and Little Green Pickle was born. While running LGP, Jannie also serves as the Creative Director of Bon Appétit Presents Feast Portland, the region’s leading food and drink festival. She began her career at Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment and attended the French Culinary Institute in New York City. A passionate foodie and web designer, she worked for Condé Nast publications and then led the design team at FoodNetwork.com. After several years of design work, Jannie got back in the kitchen, honing her culinary skills at a Brooklyn restaurant while freelancing for TripFilms.com and PM Digital.


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