The Surrogate Journey: Part 2 “An Intended Family Story” — 062

Jun 18

Today’s guest, Sibyl Almonte de Cannella, has been a mother for a long time even though she has only held her baby in her arms for a little more than a month. She has had many miscarriages including several which came during the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process. After years of having doctors tell her she should be able to have a healthy pregnancy, a rare blood disorder was discovered in her system. This diagnosis led to her decision to investigate surrogacy.

During this extremely candid conversation, Sibyl shares the emotional, physical, and mental toll she experienced during her challenging motherhood journey. She also shares the details of finding a surrogate when surrogacy is illegal in most of the world and what it is like to have your baby born over 5,000 miles away from home.

You can feel Sibyl’s joy and anticipation in this honest exploration of what this controversial alternative path to motherhood looks like — and also how her experience, while seemingly rare on the surface, shares so much with every mother’s path.

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In This Episode:

  • Not knowing why she was having multiple miscarriages at nine weeks

  • The arduous process of IVF

  • How she dealt with the emotional stress of being pregnant several times without carrying to term

  • How she looked to adoption in her effort to have a family

  • The mental anguish brought about by uncertainty and doubt

  • How her body created antibodies which robbed her embryos of oxygen

  • Why she kept the news of her pregnancies private

  • Why she chose surrogacy over adoption

  • Where surrogacy is a legal option

  • The language barriers involved with international surrogacy

  • What she did when her surrogate didn’t produce breast milk

  • The joy of holding her baby girl after her exceptional journey

  • The importance of making connections with others on similar journeys

  • How to get a free one-month trial of guided meditations through Expectful


Show Notes:

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About Our Guest:

Sibyl is a travel and marketing management professional from New York City. After working in the corporate environment she chose to pursue her own career path as an entrepreneur. She is the owner of, and loves helping people plan their dream itineraries as a travel concierge. She has visited over 5 continents, visiting hundreds of cities, is an expert on Western Europe, and the US markets. Her journey towards motherhood began 7 years ago when she tried to have a family with her husband Paul. She had always dreamed of having a child and adopting as well. After suffering multiple losses, IVF treatments, and surgeries, she and her husband opted for surrogacy. Finally this March, they welcomed their daughter Chloe Georgina. She is also a foster parent and plans on expanding her family in the future through adoption. When she is not traveling or working she loves doing maternity and baby photography. She and her husband are writing a book about their experiences to help others on their journey as well.


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