The Surrogate Journey: Part 1 “A Carrier Story” — 061

Jun 11

Today’s guest, Sara Rosser, is an apprentice at the Farm Midwifery Center in Tennessee. She believes a woman should be able to choose where they deliver their baby. Her diverse family consists of a biological child, an adopted child and an international exchange student. She is currently pregnant as a gestational carrier for a single father. After her first birth left her feeling cheated out of the delivery she desired, Sara wrestled for years with what to do about it.

Sara’s story is truly unique and amazing. In our conversation, she shares the trials she faced while searching for a midwife to assist her with the home birth she desperately desired, her family’s reaction to their adopted Ethiopian son, and how finally coming to terms with her daughter’s birth took her first away from surrogacy and then in the end, back to it.

Our conversation about birth trauma and the oh-so-common desire for a “birth re-do” is so incredibly important – and will resonate with so many women.  Sara’s beautiful story paints a picture of the selfless love of motherhood in a whole new light.

In next week’s episode, we’ll explore the other side of surrogacy – from the perspective of the intended family!

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In This Episode:

  • About her work at the Farm Birthing Center

  • How midwifery was illegal in Alabama

  • How a hospital delivery her only option

  • How she mentally and emotionally processed her first birth experience

  • How she and her husband adopted an Ethiopian child at the age of 23

  • The very different reactions her family had to her adopted child

  • The varying types of surrogacy

  • Her decision to become a gestational carrier for a single male parent

  • Her decision and plan for breastfeeding her surrogate baby

  • How to get a free one-month trial of guided meditations through Expectful


Show Notes:

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Sara Rosser

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The Farm Midwifery Center





About Our Guest:

After becoming a mother through childbirth, adoption and now experiencing a small piece of motherhood through surrogacy, I’m honored to advocate for the rights of other moms as their birth stories unfold.

I’ve committed my life to midwifery because I believe wholly in a person’s right to choose their birth setting. I’m proud to have learned this model of care from the greatest midwives on the planet. We, as a culture, will be lacking basic human rights until our birth rights are restored.


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