A Mother’s Journey With Autism — 052

Apr 2

After her oldest was conceived during her honeymoon, Ashley struggled with long-term postpartum depression that lasted through her second pregnancy.  Despite being caught up in the typical throes of motherhood with 2 kids under 2, they began to notice that their older son wasn’t developing verbal skills, leading to a series of evaluations that resulted in an unexpected autism diagnosis.

Through a local Early Start program that offers in-home Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy, she and her partner have been able to create and maintain a family environment where both their boys can flourish.  Yet, Ashley doesn’t hide the fact that their journey has been incredibly difficult at times. 

Seeing her son through the lens of pediatricians, neurologists, occupational therapists and speech therapists has opened her eyes to both his strengths and delays.  She shares her struggles, her joys, and the contradictions of accepting and synthesizing both so other mothers who may be on a similar journey feel supported and know that they are not alone. She also offers advice on coping strategies, how she takes care of herself and how she and her partner make time for both children.

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In This Episode:

  • How she dealt with postpartum depression well into her second pregnancy

  • The importance of support during postpartum depression

  • Having a son diagnosed with autism but not recognizing any of the signs

  • How she and her partner moved forward after receiving their son’s diagnosis

  • How it felt to experience the potential loss of her child’s independence

  • How everyone becomes an instant expert about your child’s autism

  • How she utilized the Early Start program for ABA at-home autism therapy

  • The elements of ABA therapy

  • The strategies she uses to stay positive about her son’s progress

  • How she and her partner find time for both of their children

  • The coping mechanisms she uses during stressful situations

  • Her advice for moms on a similar journey

  • How to get a free one-month trial of guided meditations through Expectful


Show Notes:

Expectful — One Month Free Trial for MotherBirth Community Members

What is Autism?

Information on ABA Therapy

Finding Your Local Early Start Intervention Services





About Our Guest:

Ashley is a mother of two boys living in sunny Southern California, and has her Masters of Arts in Education working in the Department of Education Continuation School System. She works with at risk high school youth in an alternative learning setting with the goal of helping them graduate. She is so refreshingly honest and vulnerable as a friend, teacher and now as a guest on our show.








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