Gentle, Empowering Cesarean Birth — 067

Jul 23

Today’s guest, Ashley Logsdon, had always wanted to have children and in the most natural way possible. During our conversation, she details each of her three birth stories – all of which took unexpected turns in the opposite direction of her birth plans. Ashley had to learn to accept the way her daughters chose to came – and by her third birth, she had learned how to advocate for the birth experience she wanted, pioneering the adoption of gentle, family-centered cesarean procedures in her local hospital.

Her experiences proved that it is possible to have an empowering experience while proactively preparing for emergency situations.  Ashley is a huge proponent of educating yourself ahead of time to remove the stress and uncertainty of making big decisions in the moment.

Ashley works as a coach and educator for families who wish to connect with each other and the world in a meaningful way. Through personality assessments and the concept of a family vision, she communicates intentional living and accountability. Along with her husband and three girls, she travels the U.S. full-time, in an RV. She advocates for women, encouraging them to make their voices known, whether that be in pregnancy, birth, health care or anywhere else.

This was a fun and inspiring conversation full of really practical tips for mothers facing cesarean birth, but also for anyone wanting to create an intentional family life full of joy and purpose!

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In This Episode:

  • How emotions can cause physical manifestations

  • How to create a family-centric home

  • Her experience having a natural cesarean

  • Her ‘Before You Have Your Baby’ guidelines

  • How to prepare for emergency situations during birth

  • How DISC personality assessments can benefit family communications

  • How she allows her children to see her humanness

  • Creating family vision statements

  • Living an intentional life

  • The power of positivity

  • How women can find their voice during a birth

  • The book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

  • How to get a free one-month trial of guided meditations through Expectful

Show Notes:

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About Our Guest:

Ashley takes families from surviving to thriving by helping them uncover how “the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us”. She guides parents through identifying their strengths – and also their triggers – to live with intention and not simply reaction to the chaos of an ever-growing family. Through her podcast, blogging, coaching and personality “snapshots”, she provides tools and action steps to aid families in creating a life they love to come home to.

Ashley, her husband (and podcast co-host), three unschooling daughters and dog are RVing the States full-time. They focus on authenticity, awareness, and embracing love in the present moment.

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