From Pregnancy Loss to an Unexpectedly Quick Birth — 046

Feb 12

Emmy Lowe feels fortunate to have a beautiful baby girl and to enjoy all that motherhood has to offer. Before birthing her daughter, Rooney, Emmy experienced several miscarriages. When she shared her story with the other women in her life she was surprised to find that half of them had also had miscarriages but never felt comfortable talking about it.

Emmy wrote a blog post about her experience intending to share her story of losses and let other women know they were not alone. But, just seven days after publishing the post she discovered she was pregnant again. There was an outpouring of empathy and compassion from strangers who had read her story and Emmy went through a bout of ‘survivor’s guilt’ when she was found herself unsure of how to announce she was already pregnant again.  We dive into how to navigate both loss and the birth of a new stage where you move into motherhood even when others you’ve connected with aren’t there yet.

When Emmy went into labor she wasn’t sure if it was really happening – but her body knew exactly what it was doing!  Don’t miss the exciting tale of her fast and intense birth – she tells it with so much joy.  🙂


In This Episode:

  • How few women talk about miscarriages

  • Moving past infertility or loss and dealing with survivors guilt

  • How a birthing plan is more of a guide than a plan

  • High-risk birthing procedures

  • What is needed when a mother is Hepatitis B positive

  • Experiencing an unexpectedly fast labor

  • How she enjoys being a mom




Show Notes:

Emmy Lowe Photo

Rooney’s Birth Story



About Our Guest:

Emmy Lowe is the founder and creator of Emmy Lowe PhotoEmmy focused on wedding and fashion photography, for which she traveled all over the world until she brought her beautiful daughter Rooney Lowe into their lives. She now splits her time with commercial and family photography, and stays at home raising her daughter. She currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband, daughter, and dog.

You can find Emmy on Instagram.



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