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Feb 5

Today’s guest, Hannah Eloge, has always wanted to be a mother. So much so, that she obtained her degree in Education with the idea that her work schedule could easily accommodate having children. Her heart moved towards adoption and creating a family that was a little different than the social norm after seeing many children without a family during her first trip to Africa. After many discussions, she and her partner decided to create a profile book to share with expectant mothers preparing for adoption as they transitioned into a ‘Waiting Family.’

As Hannah searched for help to create her profile book, she recognized the gaps of information available and the lack of community for people who yearned to know more about the adoption process and the experiences of other adoptive families. Hannah founded Kindred & Co., a community designed to help women connect and share their stories about the adoption process, as well as provide assistance in putting together effective profile books for expectant adoptive families.

After an adoption experience filled with miracles and coincidences, Hannah and her partner are now parents of twin girls and they have a life-long open adoption agreement with the birth mother.

Hannah shares her emotional journey with all of its unexpected turns and the joy of experiencing a strong bond with her daughters birth mother, something she never expected.  Her story is truly full of magic and wonderful reminders that family can look so many different ways.


In This Episode:

  • How Hannah overcame the fear of adoption

  • The importance of choosing an ethical adoption agency

  • The experience of raising babies in a medical school family

  • The differences of adopting internationally and domestically

  • The complex beauty of an open adoption

  • How being in the delivery room during the birth can impact the adoptive parents

  • The cultural aspects of adopting transracial children

  • How a mother’s instinct emerges no matter how she builds her family


Show Notes:

Kindred & Co.

Some ethical agencies/consultants to look into if you are starting the adoption process:

Faithful Adoption Consultants

The Cradle

Quiver Full Adoptions

The Barker Adoption Foundation, Washington DC


About Our Guest:

Hannah lives in Chicago, but she is a desert girl at heart, with her husband, twin girls, Ezra + Olive, and their winsome goldendoodle, Hadley. She loves queso dip a little too much. A photographer, designer, and creative, Hannah works full time as the Communications Director for an orphan care organization. Hannah is passionate about adoption and through her own adoption process, she found her “people”. She started Kindred + Co. to form a community where adoption stories of beauty and brokenness, bravery and faith, hope and redemption can be shared.

You can find Hannah here: | Personal Instagram


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