Preemie Twins and Learning to Follow Your Instincts as a Mother — 043

Jan 29

No matter how your baby comes into this world, it’s an amazing opportunity to share your life, your joy, and your love. Today’s guest, Austie Eckley loves having babies and being a mother. Her birthing experiences are as varied as the children she brought into the world. She and her partner have experienced completing a birth plan with barely a glitch, learning they were pregnant with twins 20-weeks in, delivering those twins prematurely at only 28-weeks, and a sunny side up gender surprise.

Looking back at it all, Austie says trusting her instincts and listening to her body lent confidence to her motherhood experience. The community outpouring of kindness and support she received during the twins’ extended stay in NICU gave her a new appreciation for helping other mothers during trying times. Her non-profit organization Twenty Eight and Six is a testament to her desire to provide support to other families with children in the NICU through comfort, connection & financial assistance.

Austie shares her story with a gentleness and grace that reflects her mothering style – her perspective on the joy of motherhood despite the challenges and surprises will inspire you!


In This Episode:

  • The fear a mother feels during a premature birth

  • How community support can make a difference to a new mom

  • The importance of ‘kangaroo care’ for premature infants

  • Sharing joy and love with any baby that comes into your life

  • How a simple scarf can provide new mothers with privacy while pumping

  • How trusting your natural instincts can enhance your motherhood experience

  • Her experience with the scare of food apnea


Show Notes:

Birthing Stone — Baby Sleep Program

Twenty Eight and Six

Austie Eckley

Twenty Eight and Six on Facebook

@TwentyEightandSix on Instagram


About Our Guest:

“I am married to Justin, momma to 4 little girls all born in May (6 year old, twin 4 year olds in the middle and a little one at 20 months).

I am a stay at home momma- @raisingmaybabes that works very part time as a freelance hair and makeup artist – @austieeckley I also enjoy working with jewelry, sharing my love of essential oils, and being a high school girls small group leader at our church.

My husband and I also run a small non-profit ( – @twentyeightandsix) that helps support families in the NICU.

I am passionate about my faith and raising my daughters differently than what society is teaching them. I desire for my daughters and all women to know their worth and to know they were created for a purpose.

Motherhood has changed me from the inside out and I am learning how to enjoy every day. The good days and the bad days because I know these sweet babies I was blessed with are growing up faster than I would like. ”


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