Preterm Birth and Loss (Sweet Afton) – 029

Oct 15

Lindsay Ostrom of the Pinch of Yum food blog shares her heartbreaking and emotional tale this week of going into labor at 23 weeks and delivering her son Afton via c-section.  Being right on the line of when babies are likely to survive or not, they hoped against hope that the odds would be in their sweet little boy’s favor.

Lindsay doesn’t hold anything back as she shares about the incredibly painful but beautiful time they had with Afton, and what saying goodbye to him was like.  After a short stay in the NICU, it was obvious to the doctors and nurses that Afton’s time with his family was coming to an end.  Able to hold and spend time with him for a few hours, Lindsay and her husband faced the deepest and darkest moments of their lives – and yet Lindsay talks repeatedly of the sense of calm and peace that she felt.

Lindsay and Bjork were unapologetic in the ways that they chose to experience and honor their son’s life and death, reminding us all that finding your own unique expression of grief and comfort is so essential to healing.

This beautiful episode is a stunning portrayal of the grace and courage that mothers facing loss are able to find somewhere within… and how the steadfast support of family and friends makes all the difference.



In This Episode:

  • Going in for a checkup at 23 weeks because she was experiencing some strange symptoms and finding out she was in labor

  • Doing everything they could to hold off labor

  • Having to make heartwrenching choices regarding care and life support after he was born

  • Getting all of the encouraging notes after the fact from people whose babies had survived

  • What it was like holding her baby as he was dying

  • The feeling of calm she felt during her final moments with her son

  • Grateful and proud that she was able to spend so much time creating memories with him after he died

  • Choosing to have an open casket at her sons funeral

  • The ways that people have provided the best support during the months after her sons birth


Show Notes:

I Had a Miscarriage Pregnancy and Infant Loss Card Line — This Week’s Sponsor

Afton’s Birth Story

Nickel Creek: Sweet Afton – Song

Lindsay’s Food Blog – Pinch of Yum





About Our Guest:

Lindsay Ostrom is the founder of Pinch of Yum – a personal blog that documents her favorite recipes in addition to life stories and travel adventures. Pinch of Yum is known for its flavorful and healthy recipes, beautiful photography, blogging resources and strong personal connection. Content from Pinch of Yum has been featured on sites like Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, MSN, Today, the Kitchn, SHAPE, Smart Passive Income, Mixergy and more. Lindsay’s favorite things in life are photography, sunny days, Sage the dog and a big plate of Pad Thai.



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