When Hello Means Goodbye (SIDS) – 028

Oct 11

This week’s guest Linda Takano shares her story of saying hello and goodbye to her baby boy Miles, all within his first week of life. We are so honored she shared this conversation with us and we ask that you respect her vulnerability as well as she shares about her sons passing of SIDS. {trigger warning}

Linda is someone who instantly makes you feel welcome whatever the setting. She is the type of woman you feel was born to be a Mom. She loves kids and always desired to have a family. Linda’s journey to motherhood has not been easy – after struggling to get pregnant with her daughter Jolie, Linda and her family lost twin babies.  When her third baby, Miles, passed away of SIDS, Linda was really at a loss with how to process this kind of grief.

In this episode, Linda talks about her real-time process of losing her son. The difficulty of navigating saying good-bye and the logistics of losing a child were so much to deal with. She shares about her husband’s unwavering support and what is was like for her daughter to say good-bye to her brother.  Her raw and emotional telling of these events will open your eyes to the healing that comes when you fully allow yourself to experience loss.


In This Episode:

  • Losing her second pregnancy with twins at 10 and 14 weeks

  • Finding her 3 day  old son passed away from SIDS upon waking up

  • The horror of having to reenact the last hours of her sons life with a doll for the police

  • Her daughter asking if they could have a goodbye party for the baby and how this led to them creating traditions to help remember their son

  • The physical experience of grief after pregnancy or infant loss that amplify the emotional experience

  • How she learned that being outside helps her with grief and anxiety

  • Realizing that people comfort how they themselves want to be comforted, when we really need to listen and watch for how those in pain need to be comforted

  • The feeling of wanting our children to be remembered, not just our pain


Show Notes:

Linda’s Candle Shop





About Our Guest:

Linda Takano lives in the Seattle area with her husband & the two kiddos they still get to hug & kiss everyday.  However, Josh & Linda would like to be remembered as the parents of Jolie, Silas & Miles. Linda finds a strong connection to people who know great pain & with those who have a hearty laugh. When the kids are at school, Linda gets her side hustle on by pouring essential oil candles. She finds this slow practice to be satisfying & therapeutic.


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