Globally-Minded Mother – 021

Aug 7

Mary Grace shares her perspective on raising globally minded kids whether or not you travel or are an expat.  SPOILER – you can do it wherever you live!  She also tells the stories of her 3 different births and how much she learned about relaxing and letting go with each of them.

Mary Grace’s experiences with birth have taught her that, just like in motherhood, not everything is going to go as planned and you have to be able to release your own desires.

We get into some of her practices for intentional, globally-minded living and raising kids who are open to the experiences of others around them instead of believing that their way of life is the only or best way.

**Mary Grace wanted to point out that her use of the term “regular” culture during our conversation is a way of speaking that prioritizes and privileges the dominant culture and that is not what she intended to do.


In This Episode:

  • How growing up with foreign exchange students and living abroad impacted her worldview

  • Using our window of influence with our kids to share our values

  • Finding what works for your family – it doesn’t matter what works for someone else

  • Being so set on having an unmedicated birth with her first and assuming the hospital staff wouldn’t be supportive

  • Feeling like a failure because of having an episiotomy

  • Badge of honor culture and “natural birth”

  • Having pneumonia and a broken rib during her 3rd birth

  • How birth is a picture of motherhood as a whole

  • How to create a global home no matter where you live


Show Notes:

Mary Grace’s Podcast – The Global Mom Show

Not Traveling With Your Kids? – Blog Post

Childbirth Wisdom – Book

Birthing From Within – Book

Life Roots Collective – Northern Michigan Doulas

10 Ways to Create a Global Home – No Matter Where You Live

Multicultural Kid Blogs

Multicultural Childrens Book Day

The Global Moms Network Facebook Group


About Our Guest:

Mary Grace Otis is the host of The Global Mom Show  podcast, which helps mothers connect with global ideas and teach their kids to do the same. She’s a wife, a mom of three boys, a former expat and development worker, and a freelance writer for nonprofits and businesses. She’s lived and worked abroad in Germany and India, and now she makes her home in the U.S., where one of her goals is to stay connected with a global view of life. Grab a copy of her free guide 10 Ways to Create a Global Home–No Matter Where You Live, and join her free Facebook group to learn from more globally-minded women.

Where to find Mary Grace:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram




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