Mothering with Baggage – 020

Jul 31

Tiffany became interested in birth support after the positive experience she had with her second birth, leading her to become a doula and ultimately start a thriving doula agency.  Her passion for unconditional, non-judgmental support comes from her own experiences of the transition to motherhood and the troubled childhood she lived through.

Tiffany’s mother was a single mom suffering with severe mental health issues, and Tiffany ended up more or less raising herself.  She shares openly with us about her fears as a mother, how she communicates with her boys about their complicated family history, and what it looks like to create your own family story.

Her perspective on providing support for mothers and allowing them to shed the expectations that can be such a burden and lead to having nothing left is so important.  Mothering from a place of abundance comes from tending to our own needs and not from having the perfect mother model or from being energized by self-sacrifice, as Tiffany has learned.


In This Episode:

  • How her caregivers suggestion that she “may want to schedule a c-section so she would have childcare” for her older son made her reconsider her birth options and choice of provider

  • Deciding to get into birth work as a doula and building a business around the idea of non-judgmental support

  • How words like “support” and “community” have become so diluted in our culture that they hardly mean anything

  • Maternal depletion and the “race” to be the biggest martyr

  • Asking ourselves – “who is asking this of me?”

  • Growing up with a single mom facing severe mental health issues

  • How her childhood wounds have affected her own journey to motherhood

  • Being transparent with our kids about our journeys while still protecting them

  • Dealing with fear that family cycles will be perpetuated

  • How we create our own families and our own ways of being


Show Notes:

Tiffany’s Doula Agency – Birthing Stone

Portland Doula Training

Getting Connected with a Doula in Your Area:

Find a CAPPA Certified Doula

DONA Certified Doula’s

Childbirth International Database

Or, ask your doctor/midwife and ask around in your local community!  Additionally, a location specific Google search will provide options in your area, and from there we recommend interviewing to find a good fit.


About Our Guest:

Tiffany is a birth and postpartum doula, sleep trainer (Birthing Stone Doula) and doula trainer (Portland Doula Training). She’s the mom to two rambunctious boys, aged 9 and 7. The support she received during the birth of her youngest launched her into the birth world. As someone who has dabbled in many careers paths, the world of birth keeps Tiffany both emotionally and intellectually satisfied, and this is where she plans to stay.

Supporting families in getting the support they need after baby comes, especially when it involves getting sleep, is an area Tiffany specializes in, offering sleep training as well as early sleep conditioning. She added this service after seeing the deep struggle so many parents go through after months of sleep deprivation. She is passionate about ending maternal depletion.

With both clients and new doulas, Tiffany believes in transparency and sharing practical information, as well as offering nonjudgmental support. She supports families with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, varying parenting style and birth choices. Her support for someone choosing and epidural is just as strong and committed as someone choosing a home birth.

As a doula trainer, Tiffany’s support and training is far from superficial. She takes the time to get to know each person she trains as much as she can, offers on-going support, and specializes in encouraging doulas to move out of their comfort zone and take the next step to take their businesses to the next level.


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