Unplanned Vaginal Birth – 018

Jul 17

Ericka was on track for a scheduled c-section with her 2nd baby, after a difficult labor ending in c-section with her first.  When her water broke at 38 weeks she still thought that was the plan – until shortly after she started getting the urge to push.  What happens next is a whirlwind as everybody kept preparing for a c-section – but babies have their own plans!

Ericka’s shares her beautiful perspective on getting on board with how things were going down and letting herself follow her instincts even though she had never prepared for an unmedicated, vaginal birth.  The intuition of women is remarkable and Ericka was able to follow her body’s lead instead of giving into fear.

We talk about honoring and appreciating all experiences of birth, and her ability to see the strength and beauty in each birth she has had, instead of comparing them.  There’s so much good stuff in this exciting episode – both fun and inspirational!


In This Episode:

Ericka nearly ripping off her husbands gown

  • How a serious sports injury as a teen affected her likelihood of having a vaginal birth, as well as how she prepared for labor

  • Choosing to have a c-section after 3 hours of pushing and knowing that it was better for her child to have a healthy mom than for her to have birth go just the way she wanted it to

  • Being the mom you want to be vs having the birth you want to have

  • Choosing to focus on the positives of having a planned cesarean for her second birth after doctors recommended it for her safety

  • The importance of doula support even when having a planned c-section, especially for partners

  • Water breaking at 38 weeks and rushing to hospital because of the urge to push

  • You are not your pain

  • Discovering that her body knew just want to do instinctively even though she had never prepared for an unmedicated, vaginal birth

  • Learning to be prepared to “adjust your sails”

  • In the day to day while parenting, drawing on the strength she experienced during labor

  • Finding the beauty in both experiences of labor and realizing how much strength they both required


Show Notes:

Red Stick Mom’s Blog

What is a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)?

Ericka’s Doula :: Three Chords Birth

Baton Rouge Birth Photographer :: Cher Bebe Birth Stories

Hospital of delivery :: Woman’s Hospital with OB Dr. Nicole Chauvin


About Our Guest:

Ericka Poole is originally a New Orleans gal who was raised to begin many dishes with a roux. Since 2011, she has happily embraced the Red Stick life with her husband of nine years. After graduation, she and Tyler tied the knot. She dabbled in the corporate scene but eventually returned to school to pursue her passion for teaching and earned a Master’s degree in Elementary Education. She’s traded in her beloved Expo pens and clipboard to stay home with her two little boys (and three yorkies!). She is also the Market Manager for Red Stick Moms Blog, connecting moms in her area one at a time. Motherhood has been the best roller coaster she’s ever been on and even at the most challenging times, she tries to remember to embrace the chaos and “bless this mess” mentality. Ericka loves good conversation, coffee, empowering other women, laughing, baking and making memories with her family.


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