Spirit Birth – 017

Jul 10

Lauren’s interest in the mystery and power of feminine wisdom began when she was pregnant with her son many years ago. Feeling awakened to her true self for the first time, she began to explore her intuition and found herself drawn to creating space for women undergoing the transformation of motherhood.

Lauren shares with us her incredible perspective on the identity shift that women experience when they become mothers, and seeing the season of early motherhood as a time of creativity and full bloom instead of closing off or isolation.  Bringing the wisdom of over a decade of supporting women in birth and motherhood, her compassionate and gentle soul radiates throughout our conversation as we talk about everything from aligning with the season of life you are in to believing in your body.

Lauren’s work in creating Spirit Birth is a culmination of years of holding space for mothers, and we are so excited for what she offers.  Believing that each woman’s birth path is important and beautiful, she knows that every mother deserves the support and education to create an empowered, spiritual birth experience.



In This Episode:

  • Early motherhood is a season of creation – we are the most full of life and creativity we will ever be

  • We have the birth we need to become the mothers we need to be

  • Our children are our mirrors – we can look at them and often it’s a reflection of where we’re at

  • Taking responsibility for our own state of being – we can’t change anyone but ourselves

  • Birth is a bridge – no matter how it goes down, you have to cross it in order to transform

  • Confidence over control in birth and motherhood

  • Living in alignment with the seasons of life

  • Seeing motherhood as a time of opening, not a time of closing off

  • Living in rhythm rather than routine


Show Notes:

Lauren’s Website Hub — Featuring all of her projects

Spirit Birth — Lauren’s incredible online birth course

Sneak Peek into Spirit Birth

The Life Pod — Lauren’s Yoga Studio in Sydney

Calm Birth Childbirth Education

The School of Shamanic Womancraft

Lauren’s Influences: Ina May Gaskin, Sarah Buckley, Peter Jackson & Pam England


About Our Guest:

“I’m Lauren Falconer, and I’m the creator of The LifePod and Spirit Birth. I’m a birth educator, a doula, a yoga teacher, calmbirth practitioner, shamanic midwife in training and a blogger. I work with pregnant women, mothers, and women looking to reignite their connection with their intuition and passion for a soulful life.

I help them to feel nourished and supported, prepared and deeply aligned with their inner wisdom. I help to take the fear out of the birthing process and empower pregnant women to trust their own innate intelligence, reigniting the spirited experience that birth is.”




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