Creating a Birth Plan: Part II – 015

Jun 26

In Part II of our Birth Plan episode, Laura and Mellisa get deep into what happens when things don’t go as planned.  Using the BRAIN evaluation tool for making choices during childbirth, we help you explore both your philosophical approach to labor as well as how you handle changes of plan.

If nothing else, we want to get across the concept of holding your birth with open hands – this frees you from the possibility of being disappointed in yourself, your care providers, or the outcome itself if things deviate from the plan in any way.

You can count on us to tell it how we see it – from the perspectives of both a mom who has completed several variations of a “birth plan” and from a labor and delivery nurse who sees the impact they have all the time!


In This Episode:

  • Learning the BRAIN way of evaluating choices, alternatives and “changes of plan” in labor

  • It’s ok to ask for time to evaluate things on your own (when there’s time), even without your doula

  • Collaboration with your support team can help you feel confident in your birth choices

  • It’s an ongoing dialogue, not a closed conversation.  There are very few one-way tickets in labor

  • How important it is to have conversations about your birth preferences with your care provider BEFORE you are in labor

  • Listen to your body in labor – what’s actually working for you?  There’s no way to know until you’re in it

  • Most newborn care can happen while baby is skin-to-skin unless there’s an emergency

  • Don’t neglect the pediatric care portion of planning

  • If a birth plan becomes about control instead of confidence, it can negatively affect the outcome and experience

  • A birth plan can be a powerful bridge in a hospital setting if it’s done right


Show Notes:

Mama Natural's visual birth plan

Mama Natural’s visual birth plan

Stage by Stage Birth Plan

Another Stage by Stage Birth Plan (PDF)

Easy, Customizable Birth Plan from Earth Mama

Visual Birth Plan from Mama Natural

When Birth Doesn’t Go As Planned – an article written by Mellisa about drilling down to what really matters about your desired birth experience

Tips for a Gentle Cesarean Birth – having a cesarean birth doesn’t mean that your preferences don’t matter anymore


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