The Roller Coaster of Fostering & Adoption – 013

Jun 12

After years of infertility and wondering why this wasn’t happening for her, Megan and her husband finally did testing and had to face that having children wasn’t going to happen easily.  For a time, they decided not to do anything other than wait and see.

Inspired by a few different people, the couple eventually made the difficult decision not to pursue fertility treatments but instead to open their home to foster children.  They knew that this would be a challenging and often heartbreaking endeavor – and their families were initially concerned for their emotional wellbeing.  Megan and her husband knew that this is what they were meant to do and that no matter how hard it may be to have children they loved come and go, that they were willing to open their hearts and their home.

What follows is an incredibly inspiring and emotional journey through the ups and downs of falling in love with each baby that came into their lives and not knowing what the outcome would be.  Megan talks about the emphasis on reconciliation with birth families and how heartbreaking that can be, especially when it can sometimes be in conflict with what seems to be best for the child.  Learning to advocate for her foster children has been an important part of her motherhood journey.

The dramatic story of adopting their first foster child is one you cannot miss – Megan shows the fierce love she possesses and her passion for fully loving each child no matter how long they are with her – “Today you’re here and we love you today”. 


In This Episode:

  • Getting creative with photographing your kids when you aren’t allowed to show their faces

  • The nightmare days when they were separated from their first foster son and he didn’t eat or drink

  • Having to accept that they couldn’t control what happened to these precious children

  • How their families came around to supporting them in their choice to become foster parents

  • Deciding not to take on special needs children and later learning their first foster son had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

  • The emotional battle of constantly advocating for your children


Show Notes:

Guide to US Adoption and Foster Care

Information on Foster Care in Canada

Information on Adoption in Canada

The Canadian Foster Care Crisis



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