Complications in Pregnancy & Birth Despite a Healthy Lifestyle — 047

Feb 27

Today’s guest, Vanessa Evigan, was uncertain about her ability to conceive, given she was a bit older than most women who are interested in getting pregnant. As it turned out, she and her partner got pregnant on their very first try during their honeymoon.

After her first gestational diabetes test resulted in a negative, she started becoming ill to the point that she feared losing her baby. After another test confirming she did indeed have gestational diabetes, Vanessa embarked on a journey of reconciling her very health-conscious lifestyle with the unexpected outcome of facing a health condition with serious effects. Finding support through the community of her blog, Her Morning Coffee, she was able to manage her diabetes well and maintain a positive attitude.

She and her partner decided to work with a doula to help birth go smoothly. She never anticipated that even though her healthy son was ultimately born via C-section, that the support she received from her doula both during and after birth were invaluable.

We get into how facing gestational diabetes, an unexpected and unwanted c-section as well as postpartum depression have helped her to learn that the motherhood experience is more than our ability to control our health or our relationships. Seeking support and being gracious and present with ourselves is the key to finding joy and fulfillment even when things don’t go like we expect them too.


In This Episode:

  • Becoming pregnant and having a child later in life

  • How to cope with Gestational Diabetes

  • How she dealt with her tendency toward hypochondria

  • How reaching out to other women can relieve stress and anxiety

  • How she embraces her natural instincts and her mother’s intuition

  • The fear and anxiety associated with postpartum depression

  • How having a doula gave her confidence

  • The benefits of placenta encapsulation

  • The culture of isolation for new moms in the US

  • How to relax and accept your motherhood story may differ from the stories of others


Show Notes:

Birthing Stone Baby Sleep Coaching Program — This Week’s Sponsor

Her Morning Coffee

Onsite Workshops

“Birthing Abroad” Motherbirth Podcast

Vanessa’s Book Recommendation: Real Food for Gestational Diabetes


About Our Guest:

Her Morning Coffee is a lifestyle blog with a focus on motherhood and fashion. Established in 2016 by Vanessa Evigan Adcox, Vanessa’s main goal is to connect with her audience on real relatable topics and share inspiration, home decor, new mom tips, recipes, family, and fashion. Vanessa loves connecting with her followers to talk about daily life highs and lows expressing vulnerability while shining light on hard topics. In addition to blogging, Vanessa is an actress who got her start in Los Angeles at twelve years old. She has been working as an actress for most of her life and can be seen in movies on Lifetime, Hallmark, ABC Family, & ION to name a few. You can view her IMDB page HERE. Currently, Vanessa resides in Nashville with her husband Miles and son Maverick, where Vanessa’s main job is mom and keeping up with her blog and store that is located at her husband’s wellness center Onsite Workshops. Vanessa has recently been featured on Nashville’s Channel 2 News as one of Nashville’s Bloggers to look out for.


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