Homebirth Story & Choosing the Right Birth Environment — 059

May 28

During today’s episode, self-proclaimed birth junkie, Yukie McGregor shares the inspiration behind her Dallas Birth Guide and the Birth Community that it created, her primal first birth experience and the relief she felt after talking with a therapist after bouts of postpartum started to creep into the first few months after having her baby.

In this engaging conversation, Yukie details the comical aspects of her homebirth and how motherhood gave her the opportunity, skills, and the light to work on herself and heal herself.  We decided that her birth should inspire a new genre of birth films… comedy!

Yukie’s Birth Guide is designed to empower women during their motherhood journey and to provide all the resources they need to make birth planning decisions based on what will make them feel the most comfortable and supported.  We love her mission and the services she offers; nothing is more important than women feeling empowered in this season of life.

Expectful is a guided meditation app for each stage of the motherhood journey — you can sign up for an exclusive one-month free trial here!


In This Episode:

  • How she was inspired by The Business of Being Born Documentary before even becoming a mother

  • The impressive way a body can have a baby whether you are ready for it or not

  • How birth photographers capture tender moments

  • How she planned for a birth center birth and decided in the end to stay home

  • Planning for postpartum like you would plan for any other major event in your life

  • The beneficial effects of intergenerational care during a motherhood journey

  • How birth language can include an unconscious bias

  • Having the confidence to ask the questions that empowered her

  • How a Doula can be a trusted guide

  • How our parenting decisions are influenced by how we are raised

  • How motherhood changed her forever

  • How to get a free one-month trial of guided meditations through Expectful


Show Notes:

Expectful — One Month Free Trial for MotherBirth Community Members

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About Our Guest:

Yukie McGregor is the Founder and CEO of Dallas Birth Guide, an online resource for mothers to become educated, empowered, and supported in their journey through pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and beyond. She is a mother of one who is passionate about empowering women and giving them the opportunity to have their best experience in motherhood.




FB/Insta/Twitter: @dallasbirthguide





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