You Are Not Biologically Designed To Do Motherhood Alone — 070

Aug 13

In today’s episode, we have an in-depth conversation with Megan Connolly, a Co-Founder of Well Made Mama. There are many resources available to women regarding the physical changes their bodies experience during motherhood but few focus on the emotional and mental transformations that last a lifetime.

For Megan, starting a conversation and raising awareness about the importance of community during motherhood is essential. Her organization aims to offer resources and community to modern mothers to help them thrive in their transition to motherhood.

The science of motherhood often has a gap that exists in what to expect when preparing for a baby. During our conversation, we discuss the changes in our society that have removed the community component from motherhood, how making friends can be an essential survival skill for a mother, the neuroscience of motherhood, identity shifts, and how to adapt to all of these changes in a personal, healthy way.

In This Episode:

  • The continuous state of change that is motherhood

  • The role of oxytocin and dopamine during pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • How having a community can ease your anxiety

  • The transitions and identity shifts of young mothers

  • The process of turning to information for comfort in place of communities

  • Creating an assessment of the level of support a new mother has

  • Tips for finding a community

  • How to invest in your well-being

  • Different cultures offer different levels of community support

  • How friends are beneficial role models to mothers

  • Extending the meaning of postpartum

  • Using crowdfunding to save for future college expenses

Show Notes:

Well Made Mama

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About Our Guest:

Megan Connolly holds an MSc. in Applied Positive Psychology and an M.A in Industrial/Organisational Psychology. Her research led to co-founding Well Made Mama along with Sabrina Scalfari, a website devoted to exploring the way the science of human behaviour can help a modern mother apply healthy, science-based practices and information to her everyday life. Well Made Mama believes that child care begins with mother care, and that the health of the world begins with the health of its mothers.

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