The Infertility Sample Platter – 011

May 29

Jess’s brush with death in her early 20’s and subsequent management of lupus and stage 4 kidney disease set the stage for fertility challenges when she was finally ready to become a mother.  Faced with the choice to do emergency chemotherapy knowing that there wasn’t time to harvest her eggs and she would likely never be able to carry a child, she moved forward: “you can’t be a parent if you aren’t alive”.

With a lot of determination and heart, not to mention no small amount of heartbreak, Jess’s journey to motherhood includes most of the possible paths available to those dealing with infertility.  She shares candidly about managing her chronic illness and making decisions with that in mind, loss and vulnerability, and the beautiful gift of surrogacy that finally brought her daughter to her.

Find out how Jess and her husband are trying to expand their family again!  This powerful story inspires the courage that it takes to be a mother – from the big, hard decisions to the showing up every day for our kids.


Show Notes:

(After Lupus caused her kidneys to fail in 2004, Jessica Goldman Foung refocused her life and work to study food, health, and the many ways they interact. She began in 2009 to capture her adventures in a low-sodium life.)  Here are links to her work:

Jess’s website

BOOKS! Sodium Girl’s Limitless Low-Sodium Cookbook and Low-So Good

WORDS! Food52theKitchnHuffington PostFood NetworkAmerican Heart AssociationLean In

VIDEOS! Access Hollywood LiveDr. OzFood52 LIVEBetter TVABCNational Kidney Foundation 1National Kidney Foundation 2National Kidney Foundation 3


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